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Watten House Condo: A Haven in Bukit Timah

Discover the essence of luxury and tranquility with the Watten House Condo, a remarkable blend of opulence, convenience, and strategic location in Bukit Timah.

Location and Accessibility

Watten House Condo in Bukit Timah offers a perfect blend of location and convenience. With a wide range of amenities nearby, you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with ease.

Ideal location in Bukit Timah

Nestled within the heart of Bukit Timah, the Watten House Condo delivers tranquility amidst urban settings. It offers a calming retreat from city buzz yet remains within convenient reach of everything you need.

Watten House Condo offers a unique balance of serene nature escape and upbeat modern lifestyle, nestled in the heart of Bukit Timah with proximity to nature reserves.

This unique abode ensures you’re never far from the serene allure of nature. With the famed Bukit Timah Nature Reserve nearby, Watten House Condo’s location is genuinely unbeatable, making it a paradise for nature lovers.

Experience a balanced lifestyle at Watten House Condo, where the luxury of modern living harmonizes with the serenity inherent of its Bukit Timah location. A perfect backdrop for vibrant living in a tranquil setting!

Proximity to amenities

Embrace convenience at Watten House Condo. Its strategic location offers residents accessibility to an array of amenities. Malls, eateries, and educational institutions are just within your reach.

Living your best life at Watten House means having everything at your fingertips. Amenities catering to all lifestyle needs are in close proximities, ensuring ease and comfort in your daily routines.

From shopping and dining options to educational facilities, everything is close by. The thoughtfully considered location truly enhances the premium living experience at Watten House Condo.

Excellent connectivity

Garnering praise for its exceptional transport links, Watten House Condo is the epitome of connectivity. Sitting nestled in Bukit Timah, it is well-accessed by major expressways and minutes away from Tan Kah Kee and Botanic Gardens MRT stations.

Watten House Condo’s strategic positioning ensures you stay connected effortlessly. Every destination, be it shopping, dining, recreation or work, is within easy reach, enhancing the quality of your living experience.

Luxurious Living Spaces

Watten House Condo elevates residential standards and refines the very essence of luxury living in Bukit Timah. Uninhibited elegance and thoughtfully planned spaces come together to provide an unrivaled living experience.

Each dwelling unit at Watten House reflects extravagance and sophistication. The spaces are tailor-made for the modern dweller valuing comfort and style, enhancing every aspect of the high life in Bukit Timah.

Thoughtfully designed interiors

At Watten House, meticulous attention to interior design shapes an unmatched standard of premium living, crafting visual luxury and practical elegance that homebuyers yearn for.

  • Replete with high-quality fittings and fixtures
  • Luxury accentuated through floor-to-ceiling windows for natural lighting
  • Minimalistic, modern designs thereby allowing personal customization
  • Open plan living and dining areas

Spacious and functional floor plans

Striking a perfect balance between space and function, Watten House Condo maximizes your living area through its intelligently designed floor plans, ensuring that every square foot can be put to useful purposes.

  • Enlarged living rooms promoting social interaction.
  • Open design kitchens enabling multitasking.
  • Spacious master bedrooms with ample storage space.
  • Optimized layouts for auxiliary rooms and study spaces.
  • Flowing designs that promote optimal daylight and ventilation.

Premium finishes and fixtures

In the heart of Watten House Condo, you’ll discover unparalleled refinement. Each home features a collection of meticulously curated finishes and fixtures that amplify elegance and sophistication.

  • High gloss, smooth-finish cherry wood floors
  • Polished marble countertops
  • Top-tier, stainless-steel kitchen appliances
  • Custom-designed bathroom fittings
  • Energy-efficient, noise-cancelling windows
  • Designer pendant and recessed lighting
  • Luxurious soaking tubs in master suites

World-Class Facilities

Yielding to luxury, a stroll through Watten House Condo introduces residents to an world of opulence brimming with world-class facilities – landscaped gardens, depending on the season, either cascade with tropical blooms or turn a warm autumnal hue, tranquil swimming pools that shimmer under the sunlight and state-of-the-art fitness centers equipped with top-of-the-line machines.

Watten House doesn’t just offer a residence but a lifestyle with the diverse array of recreational amenities it houses. It endows residents with the privilege of luxury in leisure, meaning exercising isn’t a chore, but a rich, rejuvenating experience and swimming laps don’t just improve health but also improve mood in the azure oasis.

Lush landscaped gardens

Watten House Condo is an oasis of serenity, its lush landscaped gardens providing an indulgent escape from the everyday hustle. With nature-infused spots for solitude and assemblage, the gardens become an extension of your living room, delivering a tranquil domestic haven.

  • A walk-through of ornamental and native plant species
  • Alfresco dining areas within the garden
  • Interactive children’s play zones
  • Glimpses of exotic birds and butterflies
  • Secluded reading spots amidst the flora
  • Nature trails for leisurely strolls or jogs

Refreshing swimming pools

Embrace a life of aquatic leisure at Watten House Condo and discover the refreshing allure of its swimming pools. Immerse yourself in a milieu of relaxation, whether in communal pools or the private ones adorning some residences.

  • Experience a rejuvenating dip in the captivating swimming pools
  • Indulge in leisurely swims in your own private pool available in some residences
  • Beat the heat with the soothing appeal of the beautiful lagoon-sized pools
  • Enjoy a peaceful morning swim or the exhilarating rush of late-night laps

State-of-the-art fitness center

Achieve your wellness goals with ease and enjoyment at Watten House’s state-of-the-art fitness center, designed with cutting-edge amenities to make effective workouts both refreshing and engaging.

  • A wide selection of advanced fitness equipment
  • Personalized workout sessions with professional trainers
  • Yoga and Pilates classes for a holistic wellness approach
  • High-energy aerobic and Zumba sessions
  • Integrated wellness programs to aid in achieving individual fitness goals
  • Environmentally controlled spaces for comfortable workout sessions

Peaceful and Tranquil Environment

Living the dream doesn’t just refer to your home at Watten House Condo, but also to the tranquil environment that meticulously wraps around it, immersing your senses in an unending calm.

Bukit Timah exudes an inexplicable tranquility, presented in the natural harmony found at Watten House, where the ambient peacefulness assures daily rejuvenation and inspires a lifestyle of unwinding serenity.

Surrounded by nature

Enjoy the delightful scent of nature as each breath fills you with its fresh air, courtesy of Watten House Condo’s verdant surroundings. The green envelope of this sanctuary offers you a serene reprieve from the urban bustle.

Living in Watten House Condo is a celebration of natural beauty, with hefty doses of greenery woven into your daily life. With the condo rimmed by trees and luscious landscapes, it invites a peaceful harmony between the residents and the natural world.

Soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere

At Watten House, the luxury transcends mere aesthetics, imbibing every moment with a soothing ambience. The meticulously tailored environment guarantees relaxation, letting residents unwind into tranquillity after a long day.

Delve into rejuvenation, rediscover your zen at Watten House Condo. The ambience celebrates serenity, turning every corner into your personal sanctuary for rejuvenation.

Watten House is not just a luxurious abode, it’s a retreat. Amidst the bustling city, find a calming wave of peace flowing throughout the condo, creating a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere that brings balance to your life.

Privacy and exclusivity

Seclusion in opulence is the hallmark of Watten House. Intertwining privacy with luxury, the homes here are cocooned within lush greenery, offering residents their own personal oasis.

Exclusivity characterizes residential living at Watten House as it offers limited-edition homes. Ensuring a unique living experience, these homes illustrate exclusivity, moving beyond mere luxury to unique grandeur.

Exceptional Service and Security

Watten House Condo exemplifies superiority in service and security, offering residents a tranquil dwelling experience underpinned by complete peace of mind. The vigilant concierge services are available round the clock, ensuring that all needs are met swiftly.

Residing at Watten House comes with an assurance of safety. Reinforced by advanced security systems, this sanctuary features an excellent network of surveillance cameras, protecting the residents against external distress. An adroit property management team also enhances security with regular patrolling.

Advanced security systems

Preserving serenity: Watten House’s advanced security systems ensure that the tranquility of your residence remains unbroken. With cutting-edge surveillance cameras and biometric access control, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is comprehensively protected.

Sleep easy at Watten House: Understanding the intricate security systems reveals a commitment to maintain a safe and secure environment for residents. The sophisticated features, like motion detectors and alarm systems, guard against unforeseen breaches, contributing to a worry-free living experience.

Dedicated property management team

In Watten House, assistance is a call away with a dedicated property management team. Their prompt services ensure everything runs seamlessly, elevating your peaceful and luxurious living.

Upholding your exclusive lifestyle is a priority for Watten House Condo’s property management team. Their dedication ensures that your daily life remains uninterrupted and truly luxurious, mirroring the charm of Bukit Timah.

Investment Potential

Unveiling the lucrative investment potentials of Watten House Condo reveals the promise of remarkable capital appreciation. This upscale property offers investors significant financial benefits and a robust return on investment.

The prime location, high rental yield, and the area’s appeal to expatriates make Watten House Condo a compelling real estate investment in Bukit Timah. Purchasing a unit tells a story of judicious investment and future prosperity.

Strong capital appreciation

Watten House Condo, situated in the heart of Bukit Timah, holds promising prospects for robust capital appreciation. With its prime location and high-quality features, it’s an enviable asset that’ll surely escalate in value over time.

Knowledge of the capital appreciation trends at Watten House Condo can bolster your investment decision-making. This firm understanding ensures you’re optimally positioned for wealth accumulation as the property valued accelerates.

Watten House Condo’s living luxury blends with future value growth, forming an appealing equation for prospective investors. It’s not merely a lifestyle choice; it’s a path paved for prosperous outcomes.

High rental yield

Watten House Condo is not only a luxurious residence but also a potentially high-yield investment. It’s a shining beacon in the real estate market, offering favourable returns as tenants seek its elite comforts and serenity.

Decoding the high rental yield potential of Watten House Condo shows it as an economic goldmine. The locale’s desirability among expatriates and proximity to reputed educational institutions magnify this further. In turn, this trends an upward pressure on rental income, nurturing future gains.

More than just a home, Watten House Condo is an enticing lure for investors seeking steady income. As a preservation of opulence and tranquillity, it guarantees a constant influx of tenants, fostering high rental yield and ensuring return on investment.

Desirable location for expatriates

Watten House Condo’s appeal for expatriates lies in its seamless blend of sophistication, tranquility, and accessibility. It has become a top-of-mind choice for global citizens seeking a homely abode with an elegant touch.

Expat fascination with Watten House Condo is partly due to Bukit Timah’s reputation as a fashionable residential area with a rich diversity of essential facilities and international schools.

Marrying functionality with sheer opulence, Watten House Condo has magnetized expatriates who appreciate high-end residential amenities enveloped in a serene and luxuriant environment making their overseas stint feel like a splendid vacation.

Where is the watten house condo located?

The Watten House Condo is located in the prestigious Bukit Timah area of Singapore. It is nestled amidst the lush greenery and tranquility that the neighborhood is known for. This prime location offers residents a luxurious and serene living environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still being conveniently connected to various amenities and facilities. With its proximity to prestigious schools, popular shopping centers, and vibrant dining options, the Watten House Condo is the perfect choice for prospective homebuyers seeking a sophisticated and peaceful lifestyle in Bukit Timah.

Does the watten house condo have a swimming pool?

Yes, the Watten House Condo does have a swimming pool. It is one of the luxurious amenities offered by this residential development, providing a refreshing and relaxing space for residents to unwind and enjoy during their leisure time. The swimming pool at Watten House Condo is meticulously designed to offer a serene and tranquil environment, with crystal clear water and well-maintained surroundings. Whether you are looking to take a refreshing swim, soak up the sun by the poolside, or simply enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, the swimming pool at Watten House Condo offers the perfect spot for all your recreational needs.

Is there a security system in place at the watten house condo?

Title: Ensuring Safety and Security at Watten House Condo


As prospective homebuyers seeking a luxurious and serene living environment in Bukit Timah, it is understandable that you prioritize the safety and security of your future residence. At Watten House Condo, we take your concerns seriously and have implemented a robust security system to ensure the utmost safety of our residents.

State-of-the-Art Security System:

Watten House Condo boasts a state-of-the-art security system that combines cutting-edge technology with a team of well-trained security personnel. Our commitment to providing a secure living environment is unwavering, and we continuously invest in the latest security solutions.

1. Access Control System:

To regulate entry and enhance security, we have implemented an access control system throughout the premises. This system requires residents and their guests to use access cards or key fobs to gain entry to the building and designated areas within the compound. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter the premises.

2. CCTV Surveillance:

We understand the importance of constant monitoring to deter potential security threats. Therefore, Watten House Condo is equipped with a comprehensive closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system. Strategically placed cameras provide high-resolution coverage of common areas, entrances, exits, and key points within the premises. This system enables us to monitor activities and respond promptly to any unusual incidents.


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